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One robust and convenient method to migrate pre-configuration cluster to new site Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247563D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-18
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This disclosure proposed one new migration method: migrate one configured cluster with existing network setting to a new site with updated network/service setting in the infrastructure level. The major points of this method are common framework to help Admin to do migration and out-of-band to control configuration change. With this method, Admin can do a quick migrate pre-configured cluster on infrastructure level, more stable, reduce time and less user intervention compared with other method. Use this method, compute node will be boot from a memory operation system, and use the memory operation system to do real migration tasks. All migration steps are automated and self-cycle, no infulence for high level applications and data.

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One robust and convenient method to migrate pre-configuration cluster to new site

In complicate cloud and data center environment, There will be requirement of whole cluster migration. For example, in factory, support engineer setup hardware or cluster as customer's requirement with local network setting; in customer site, cluster needto be migrated from factory network setting to customer real network setting. There are manychallenges in infrastructure level, for network, DHCP(Dynamic hosconfiguration protocol), DNS(Domain Name Server), TFTP(Trivial File Transfer
Protocol) etc. are all changed due to the machine IP changing; for service, LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol) etc. are changed since infrastructure network changing.

There are some existing technologies, which only cover the upper application and cluster level configuration, will not cover the migration in infrastructure level. Or just can cover some infrastructure level migration, but has some limitations, it works ininitial operation system (in-band), just like init.rc scripts, uses its own operation system to do configuration steps which have low robustness. The network will be lost after re-configure, and master node can't do any health check, it will fail if the re-configure has some errors.

This disclosure proposed a robust and convenientmethod to migrate pre-configured cluster from one place to a new site. It useda migration controller on management node, and some migration agent on compute nodes,provided a framework for Admin to configure overall for compute nodes which include network change, cluster services change and so on. The whole architectrue is shown as picture 1.


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Pic.1 Whole Architecture

The benefits of the method introduced in this disclosure include:
1) This cluster migration method is server-client mode, which can control and re-configure compute nodes remotely and parallelly.
2) All migration steps in this method are automated and self-cycle,
3) This method can use one temperate diskless operation system for c...