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Method and System of Updating Product Translation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247565D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-18
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This invention provides a solution of updating product translation, and make it more convenient and effective. With this invention, tester or translator can update translation on User Interface (UI). Advantages: 1. Save tester/translator’s effort on updating translation 2. Simplify process and reduce problem risk 3. Improve efficiency and user experience

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Method and System of Updating Product Translation

Many products will have translated language versions for their Non-English users. It is necessary to verify and update the translation on UI. However, it might be inconvenient and time consuming when tester/translator wants to update some translation for various reasons:
1. Tester/translator will need to find the correct string in file that is displayed on UI. Normally they will full text search to find the string, even though they may get duplicated strings.

2. Tester/translator will need to switch windows from UI to translation update tool.

3. Some Service/API may not have UI
As the situations above, test/translator will take more effort onupdating product translation. We propose an invention to makeupdating product translation more convenient and effective.

Create Product information and metadata for UI and strings for translation

An agent will interact with Product Application/Service and display UI
Translation update tool loads Product Information/Metadata
According the Product Information/Metadata, Translation update tool will find corresponding string in file that is displayed onUI Update the translation and reflect the UI for quick check

Claim: Update the Product Translation on UI.

Development team will add new features of the production but not update the application. Our invention consists following parts to make the solution work:


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Create Product Information/Metadata for UI and strings for tr...