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A smart method to search mail box efficiently by pre-defined virtual mail index Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247577D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-18
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In this article, we mainly talked about a new method to find our previous email more efficiently, especially for some notes that you can't even remember the detailed information, like sender, subject etc. With our method, the client could automatically generate a few virtual index keys for a specific note, and user is able to input the keyword by themselves. The virtual index could be used to locate the note in the mail DB, and even be used to locate a specific position inside a mail body.

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A smart method to search mail box efficiently by pre-defined virtual mail index

As email is used widely, people are using mailbox to exchange information and communicate. Thus the mail box may be large and you can easily get lost in so many mails, especially when someday you want to find an old mail you received days or weeks even months ago. If you forget the mail tile, sender, receiving date, it will be even harder to find the exact mail you want. Usually what you can do is to search by full context all though your mail box, or scan manually one by one. If you are lucky enough, you probably saved the mail in some mailbox folder, then it will be easier but still need to do a full context search or manual search in the mail box folder. This is critical problem which prevents people from improving mail search efficiency and has impact on people's productivity.

Background Scenario:

Amy wants to find anemail somebodysent to her weeks ago. She can't remember mail title,sender, receiving date, etc.. She only remember it's about disclosure review process.

To fix the problem described in background description. Our idea has below functions in summary:


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1. Allow user to select whole email or only part of email to a virtual index and give an abstract/title/name to the content. We can call this as virtual subject.

2. The system will create an entry in virtual level of index and link to the mail content - we call it index body.

3. The index virtual subject are structured by different words. We treat the single word in virtual subject as a separate index key. So each mail content can match to several index key and each index key can link to several index body.

4. An index body is a link to actual mail to help user easily open the target mail.

5. An array of keywords will be extract from mail body and also stored together with index key.

6. Besides, context information of the mail will also be stored so that user can get a quick overview of candidate mails via searching.

7. When user tries to add new mail content to virtual index, the system will analyze existing virtual index and recommend user a proper index key using content analysis between keywords.

The implementation can be described in below scenario:
Amy sent a mail askinghelp from team how she could get employment certificate. Then she gets reply from Bob telling her the HR contact. Amy forward the mail to HR and finally gets the process. Amy add the mail to virtual index usinghotkey.

2.The system help generates keywordsfrom the mail content eg. employment, visa, serial, etc.. And recommend to Amy whether she would like to use any of them as index key.

3.Amy doesn't want the keywords and input a virtual subject 'HR_Process certificate'.

4.The index key 'HR_Process' and 'certificate' are generated.

5.Finally the new index entry is added into database with index key, keywords, index body(location), context, etc.


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Work flow is as below:


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Core i...