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A method to find books in library by active intelligent search that based on the multipoint distribution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247592D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-19
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The invention discloses a new method to find books in library, using active intelligent search. Fisrtly, book can communicate with bookshelf. Every book has a storage cell to store information of book, every bookshelf have several read-write cells, when book filed to the bookshelf, it's information is stored to the bookshelf. Secondly, the book can be searched by active intelligent search. When a search condition comes, the master server send it to all bookshelves, every bookshelf begin to search. After searching, if there is book satisfy search condition, the book will list on search list. After the book is selected at last, bookshelf writes the corresponding search condition to it’s storage cell, and inform book to update information. In this way, the bookshelf will be intelligent, it will store more and more search condition, when search a book, it will respond more quickly and accurately. Finally, using GPS to guilde borrower find book more quickly and easily. The method greatly increases the efficiency to search book, when search a book, every bookshelf is a computiong element, it search book more quickly by self-learning; and moreover, the method saves a lot of time for book borrower and librarian, librarian can file book randomly.

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A method to find books in library by active intelligent search that based on the multipoint distribution

Every one may meet this similar situation that you borrow books from library may take a lot of time. If the book is not filed to the specified bookshelf, you will spend much more time. The librarian need to file the returned books to the specified bookshelf every time, this also spend librarian a lot of time. Further more, borrower search book only by book name, book author and so on, they cannot search book by asking book questions. This is inconvenient for borrowers to find books, that borrowers want to solve a problem by corresponding books while they don't know which books. So, our invention proposes a new method to reduce time for borrowers and librarians in library, book can make borrower find it intelligently by self-learning.

This invention describes a method to find books in library. The method is to use intelligent system to guide borrower find bookeasily. Every book will embed a chip to store relevant information. This chip have intelligent system and positioning system. Every bookshelf also have a chip,it receive signal from the chip
of book, and return a signal of position to book. So, when books returned and filed to a random bookshelf, it's position have stored to the chip of the book. Borrower can search books by a question, some content fragments, etc. Books receive these message will do self-learning, it will show in search result list if
it satisfy search condition. When borrower click the book he or she wanted, the book will send it's position to borrower, and guide the borrower find it easily by positioning.

The advantage is :
1. It will be more high-efficiency. When search a book, every book is a computing element.

2. Active search is used, every book can judge whether it satisfy search condition by self-learning. while traditional search is passive search.

3. To...