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A new mechanism of automatic system test Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247607D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-20
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Currently others automation test tools just follow prepared scripts or configure to confirm tester expecting cases or functions, but this idea is a kind of automatic test mechanism which do not need test case design and scripts programming. This method just is using the intelligent robot help tester to randomly click button to test system like a customer who have no experience about this system. This method can help us to find some potential problems, and it's a good approach for longevity, stable and pressure test.

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A new mechanism of automatic system test

Everybody on internet environment requires software provider especially end user oriented applications provider to cut down thedevelopment cycle with Agile. However, quality can't be assured due to the short point of lack of test! Sometimes the development has not even been completed when system verification test is started and no left time for function verification test on every button, every textbox. system verification test could only cover main useful path, however, many other test paths are missed, also not mentioned in the crosstest and Reverse test. Meanwhile, you don't know how the customer will use your end user oriented application. Currently other test tools just follow prepared scripts or configure to confirm tester expecting cases or functions. Our goal is to develop a test system which could using the intelligent robot help tester to click button on test environment without effect testing system. You could set the running timewhen the system is free at night. On a cloud test environment, it could find resource to start by itself and evaluate of how much resource to use by rules. Our idea could improve the product quality and customer experience by finding potential problem , and reduce time of testing.

In this idea, we have no idea about which function will be tested in advance, it just randomly click buttons like customers whohave no experience of how to correctly use this system. The intelligent robot just have a basic rule such as not delete something or use CPU and Memory within 90% in cloud testing environment. The agent should started many robots as it calculates, then robots can logon the webpage automatically and get buttons list or objects list, test them randomly. Only after test is done, we can see the runlog to confirm which have been tested. The further test priority could be generated by the results of Machining learning and Analyzing the history data without any our test cases design from early test. Then robot will know which button or object should be tested with higher percentage. It's also akind of new method for longevity, stable and pre...