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System and method of automatic registration by LiFi(Light Fidelity) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247621D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-21
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This article provide a more accurate, convenient and automatic registration solution by using LiFi(Light Fidelity) together with your mobile phone or other equipment. Just take your mobile phone with you, then you can automatically sign in the office without any other equipment and operations, and it is hard to cheat in the registration. So, it is really convenient to sign-in the office by this way, and it's more accurate and can avoid cheating at the same time.

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System and method of automatic registration by LiFi(Light Fidelity)

When going to a meeting or going to office, sometimes we need to sign in to register the time we entered. Besides registering with badge, registering with mobile phone is a more convenient way for signing in. Some company used the wifi login to register but it is not accurate enough since the wifi signal can be accessed in a more widely area. Sometimes people can register with wifi even far away from the office. For badge register, sometimes people will forget to

bring badge and need to request a temporary badge with complex process. With Lifi(Light Fidelity)to register can improve accuracy of signing in.

In this disclosure, when the user enter the hall or entrance of their company or workplace, they can take out there phone and open the app to clock in. There will be a checking system. It will generate a random token and broad it out by using Lifi(Light Fidelity) . The user's phone will receive the random token and encode it with the user's info such as the use id and the IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) code of the phone. The it will send the encoded token to the checking system. The checking system will verify the token and mark the user as clocked in.


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