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A solution to filter out negative information based on Information Sentiment Analysis services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247624D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-21
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In this article, a sentiment analysis based SaaS service is introduced as a design for filtering out news on webpages or in an app, depending on user perferences for positivity. Behind the scene, cutting-edge technologies including natural language processing and cognitive analysis are applied to evaluate the sentiment of an article and hide the negative information from the view for users. It will be designed as a switch plugin for browers or as a built-in part of a mobile app, from which a user can easily turn it on and filter out negative news.

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A solution to filter out negative information based on Information Sentiment Analysis services

The popularity of new media types such as news Apps, news websites in recent years has brought more instant information to the public. People are developing a practice to read news from the Internet source now and then on a daily basis. The annoying problem is that themajority content of the news is negative which severely affects the readers' mood. Negative energy is spreading amongst the public.

A SaaS service is to be developed to help filter out the negative information based on sentiment analysis services. It will work as a switch for readers, and they have the choice to mask out the negative information.

The implementation of this solution can be a plugin or an integral part of a browser and an app. Hiding the negative contents, a selectively

positive and healthy view will be shown for the readers.

The invention here is to design a software solution that achieves a goal to "easily hide negative information by switching on afilter". One of the common scenario could be:

1. By default, when a reader opens a web page of top news, a complete list of articles will be shown.

2. If the reader prefers a cleaner and more positive view of news, he or she can choose to switch on a plugin installed in this browser. The rating result will be sent back to the browser to render the page again. Some of the news will be filter out.

3. Based on the rating, the option is given to the reader that he or she can choose to see how positive or negative a world of information by adjusting the threshold.

The implementation on the client side is not limited to a browser plugin. It can be integrated into a browser or a mobile app as a basic option like ads screening.

The plug...