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Publication Date: 2016-Sep-21
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Title: Wireless inductive charging adapter stand for handheld product

We describe a wireless inductive charging adapter stand for any type of hand held device that, because of its curved external shape, does not allow the incorporation of a flat inductive charging coil close to its outer surface for cooperation with a flat inductive charging pad. An example of such a hand held device is an electric shaver. An example of an inductive charging system using a flat transmission coil (in the charging pad) and a flat receiving coil (in the device to be charged) to be arranged at a small distance relative to each other is a charging system according to the Qi standard. The body of an electric shaver is not suitable to incorporate a flat receiving coil without substantial compromise to its external design.

We propose the use of an adapter stand that enables the shaver to cooperate with an inductive charging system having flat coils, for example operating according to the Qi standard. The adapter stand has a flat bottom surface and a flat inductive receiving coil arranged close to the bottom surface. Via its bottom surface the adapter stand can be placed on a standard flat Qi inductive charging pad. The adapter stand further comprises electrical contact pins via which the electrical contact pins in the tip portion of the shaver body can be electrically connected to the adapter stand. The adapter may further comprise an additional voltage/current conversion circuitry to a...