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Method and System to cognitively detect prerequisite completion for a sent invite Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247651D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-23
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The system cognitively detects if an invite would be honored by the user for the systems s/w availability at the time of the meeting. The system highlights a risky resource availability to the user required for joining the meeting.

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Method and System to cognitively detect prerequisite completion for a sent invite

Invites have become a very important tool in the current times of collaboration. Invites includes the invites send via email and are part of the email calendar, invites also include any type invite sent via mobile events, messaging apps, etc. It has been seen many a times that when an invite is sent to a user, the invite contains links for the user to join the meeting like smart cloud meeting, lotus connections meeting, etc. In order to connect to any of these online meetings, it is necessary for the invitee to have some prerequisite software locally on his system like browser plugins, Java version, etc.

Often it is experienced that users receiving the invitations, do not have these prerequisite software/plugins installed on their system or they are not at the software-level/version required. Most often the user comes to know of this fact when he is supposed to join the meeting already. Download and installation of these prerequisite software/plugins may take some time and this could lead to delay in user to join the meeting.

Currently there are no mechanisms to know of all the software that the user should have on his/her system in order to join a specific meeting. Also there are no mechanisms to inform the user if fulfilment of a particular pre-requisite can take a longer period of time and the user should start to get all requirements satisfied any time earlier. For example a particular invite may require a user to have the latest version of a software, now, the file size of the installer could be too large for the available download-speed to get ready on time. Another example potential problem might be the case that procurement of an installer itself requires some approvals from management which may take time.


A method, in a data processing system having at least one processor and a storage device, for performing a scan of the invitation links in an invite and determining prerequisite software, wherein the prerequisite software is software necessary for joining/attending the meeting invite.

The prerequisite software is a software resource or a software patch or a plugin to already installed software to be installed on the users system to meet the prerequisite.

The method determines the risky links/resources that would be required by the user to be installed for

joining the meeting.

The prerequisite software is installed directly from the server to the user's local machine.

The prerequisite software is downloaded by the server and installed manually onto the...