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Mechanism to give drivers and cars themselves awareness of vulnerable road users Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247659D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-26
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Vulnerable road users such as children, the elderly, inexperienced cyclists or even pets are involved in accidents daily due to their unpredictable movements and behaviour while out on the roads. A lot of these accidents involve vehicles. To keep these road users safe it would be a good if the road users could somehow inform the vehicles of their unpredictability or inexperience to allow the vehicles to give the road users a wider safety margin.

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Mechanism to give drivers and cars themselves awareness of vulnerable road users

Vulnerable road users could wear clothes which have LEDs embedded in them. The LEDs could be active all the time or potentially triggered by a beacon transmitter in the pavement kerb edge.

    Once active their LEDs send out a broadcast message which any cars within visible radius. (The LEDs could flash the signal which cameras could pick up on but the human eye could not) This would make the cars aware that vulnerable road users are close by and more importantly identify which of these road users is most likely to walk into the road without stopping. The broadcast message from the LEDs would contain information about the vulnerable road user. For example, a learner young cyclist, a very young child of 3. The software in the car could then use this information to display it to the driver or light a warning light on the dashboard depending on the risk it associates with the road user and the extra information it now knows about the road user. If the road users LEDs crosses into the path of the oncoming car then the car could automatically stop if it detects it is within a very short distance of the road users broadcast LED message.

    The kerb transmitters could be present in high risk areas (such as around schools) using a relatively small number of transmitters. If a car detects the LED broadcast message and the kerbside transmitter this could heighten the alert.

    The system herein relies...