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Cognitive Maintenance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247662D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-26
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Disclosed is a Cognitive Maintenance system that enables all levels of the workforce to make knowledge-based asset management decisions at the point of work, anywhere, anytime. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) framework and point-of-work digital tools to gather, store, and manage asset information accurately across all systems and processes, the system reduces overall maintenance costs, provides greater plant capacity, and improves bottom line operations performance.

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Cognitive Maintenance

Good maintenance and asset management practices are guided and driven by strategies to ensure maximum uptime/minimized unscheduled downtime of assets. These strategies include work standards, discipline specifications, asset-specific maintenance standards, engineering standards and specifications, root-cause failure analysis standards, etc. The people responsible for the standards and disciplines governing maintenance and asset management strategies are rarely or never responsible for the actual maintenance work. As a result, the people who are responsible for the maintenance work at the asset, in a manufacturing plant or out at a process, often must make on-the-spot decisions away from or without the consult of maintenance standards, procedure, specifications, or engineering/management support personnel. In such situations, maintenance personnel have to perform based on gut-feel, past practices, and/or tribal knowledge, often independently making decisions.

The problem is not that maintenance personnel do not know what to do; it is that when said personnel are at a point of indecision, in need of a recommendation, or cannot remember procedures/specifications/standards, the process becomes inefficient. The longer maintenance personnel work at/on an asset, the less time an asset has to contribute to the overall operation.

A system or method is needed that enables all levels of the workforce to make knowledge-based asset management decisions at the point of work, anywhere, anytime. To improve both asset management and performance productivity, it is necessary to bring knowledge and decision management capabilities to the point of equipment work and asset management intelligence to a business through cognitive organization of structured and unstructured data, tribal knowledge, and business operations strategy.

The novel solution is a system for Cognitive Maintenance. Cognitive Maintenance merges documented standards, operation documentation, tribal knowledge, current operation data, and the many other applicable inputs into a cognitive solution. With this solution, the maintenance professional is best outfitted with data/information at the work location on just about any aspect of the asset undergoing work. This enables the

worker to maximize time to tools, thus maximizing asset availability. The solution includes speech-to-text and text-to-speech, which creates a channel to receive field data/...