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System and Method for Supervising Teenage Drivers to Avoid Aggressive Driving Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247663D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-26
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Disclosed are a system and method to monitor teenage drivers while driving and then generate a summary report at the end of each trip to indicate acts of aggressive driving.

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System and Method for Supervising Teenage Drivers to Avoid Aggressive Driving

A method is needed to prevent teenage drivers from aggressively driving in order to reduce injuries, fatalities, and insurance costs. Aggressive driving acts include excessive speed, tailgating, failure to signal a lane change, running a red light, passing on the right, and more.

Two main factors account for teenagers' increased risk of crashing: the lack of driving experience and a lower proficiency for detecting and responding to hazards, controlling the vehicle, and maintaining speed. A young driver's overall judgment and decision-making ability may not be fully developed. In addition, adolescents are more prone to risk-taking behaviors, which can be influenced by emotions and other stressors. Adolescents' driving habits are also influenced by peer pressure.

The proposed solution is a system and method that supervises teenage drivers while driving, just as a parent or other licensed adult would do as the teenager is learning to drive.

The system shares driving records and the restriction rules in peer group networks (parents included) to minimize negative peer pressure. It allows parents or guardians to set up the restriction rules and pushes the rules to the vehicle to take effect.

When a trip starts, the trip monitoring rules and the alertness level are generated from the restriction rules, the historical driving records, the weather, the traffic and the road conditions, and number of passeng...