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Thermal Imaging With Body Temperature Derivation And Facial Recognition For Educational/Nursery Child Fever Alert Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247666D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-26
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We describe an idea to combine facial recognition with thermal imaging to enable child sickness alerts.

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Thermal Imaging With Body Temperature Derivation And Facial Recognition For Educational/Nursery Child Fever Alert

Many nurseries have a video monitoring service that patents can log into.

Nursery staff often take some time to notice small children may be running a

temperature and by the time this is detected, other children and equipment have been exposed.

    Also in drop off situations the parents may have gone and be in transit and be difficult to contact.

    Fevers come on in the day or parents may be over optimistic over a child's health for many reasons and children sometimes do not inform staff they are feeling ill or relate that they are ill when perhaps the have the need to go to the loo, are stressed, or wish to spend the day at home.

Nurseries and schools have a duty of care towards a sick child and a responsibility to

the other children that requires ill children to be handled appropriately.

    An 'always on' aid in a nursery that will inform staff, and ultimately parents, of a child running a temperature could be really useful, removing some element of worry in absent parents, both of a ill child and perhaps of the other parents children - that exposure to other kids with fevers is reduced.

The system herein combines the technologies
the use of infrared heat imaging to detect human body temperature


facial recognition/body tracking to identify kids


movement tracking empirically - to help remove false positives due to running

about and increased concern for children who are still and hot
the ability to inform staff and parents via SMS/tweet etc. that a particular child is



    Parents will have peace of mind that the system will inform them if needed and staff have a helping hand in spotting illness - perhaps even shortly after entry.

    If desired the system could be queried to determine the last time any particular child's face was recognized along with their estimated temperature at that time.

    We envisage that local staff would always apply a manual assessment...