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Method of Constructing a MOSFET I-V Model Using On-Current Specifications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247701D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-28
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Disclosed is a method to quickly build a Field Effect Transistor (FET) I-V model based on given values.

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Method of Constructing a MOSFET I -V Model Using On-Current Specifications
As companies increasing use fabless processes for development, a company often only receives a few key Field Effect Transistor (FET) specifications from a fab for each FET type in a given semiconductor technology.

A method is needed to facilitate the fast construction of an FET model based on those limited on-current FET specifications, such as (but not limited to):


This disclosure provides a method to quickly (and uniquely) build an FET I-V model based on the following given values:

The system uses as few as four parameters, in addition to:


The resulted FET model is very simple, continuous, and smooth. It is reasonably accurate over whole voltage range. The novel FET I-V model that has the following properties:

 Continuous everywhere

 Smooth when crossing the boundary of the linear and saturation regions

 is not zero in the saturation region
 Exactly satisfies all of the given values (all at a same temperature T 1):

 Besides

two parameters, the model has only four parameters a , m , gds 10, gds 05(at the given

 Parameters are uniquely determined by the four given current values:

temperature T 1)


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 No "model fitting" process during the model build process

 When another set of values (i.e.,

) at another temperature T 2are provided, a , m , gds 10, gds 05, Vtat temperature T 2are also obtained.

Using a(T) = a(T1) + [a(T2) - a(T1)](T - T1)/(T2 - T1) a...