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A HAIR CARE COMPOSITION Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247716D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-29
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Adelino Nakano: AUTHOR [+1]


The present invention belongs to the area cosmetics and refers to new blends for strengthening and protecting human hair.

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SY 549 PCT/C 3533 PCT/VT/23.09.2016



[0001] The present invention belongs to the area cosmetics and refers to new blends for strengthening and protecting human hair.


[0002] A German saying concludes that often a head of golden hair is more expensive than a bag of ducats. And in fact, until 2012 the global market for hair care products is expected to reach a volume of 94 billion dollars. Particular female customers expect a constant development of modern hair care products in terms of more volume, more shine, better combability and higher protection against environmental pollution and stress. A quote from Ivana Trump takes it to the point: "Gorgeous hair is a woman's best revenge".

[0003] Taking into account the amazing growth perspective, cosmetic industry is constantly interested in new actives improving the performance of their shampoos, conditioners and all other products within the universe of hair care preparations. At the same time much R&D work is spent on already existing actives and preparation in order to find additives for synergistic improvement of their performance.

[0004] One of those well-established products are wheat bran extracts, particularly extracts of Triticum vulgare. These extracts are typically obtained by extraction of wheat bran by means of overcritical carbon dioxide. They provide moisture and provide softness and smooth feeling to human skin. The extracts are particular useful for making skin care products, but are also used for shampoos and treatment of scalp. However, while wheat bran extracts show interesting approaches for example with respect to hair combability, their overall performance leaves space for improvement.

[0005] Therefore, it has been the object of the present invention to develop new blends with improved performance, in particular with respect to combability, shine, luster, break extension, volume, shape retention and protection against environmental pollution and stress. One part of the object was to develop new blends based on wheat bran extracts to improve the said performances.


[0006] The object of the present invention is directed to a blend comprising or consisting of:
(a) at least one amino acid and/or at least one protein, and









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SY 549 PCT

(b1) at least one carboxylic acid alkyl ester and/or

(b2) at least one alkandiol, and optionally

(c) at least one additional auxiliary agent.

[0007] Surprisingly, it has been observed that the blends according to the present invention fulfil the complex profile and in particular simultaneously

 improve dry and wet combability

 improve shine and luster

 improve break extension

 improve volume

 improve shape retention, and

 reduce damage

of human hair, especially when formulated in hair care products. Compared to the sol...