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Colored reflective applications

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Publication Date: 2016-Sep-30
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Retroreflective articles made according to various techniques, for example, those disclosed in US patents 9,248,470 and 9,234,990, can be useful in a variety of different applications or to enhance various performance characteristics.

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Colored reflective applications 

Retroreflective articles made according to various techniques, for example, those disclosed in US  patents 9,248,470 and 9,234,990, can be useful in a variety of different applications or to enhance  various performance characteristics.  Following is a non‐limiting list of such applications/characteristics.  

A colored retroreflective article used in bags, storage or accessories used for carrying. These include, but  are not limited to the following: luggage, luggage tags, umbrellas, handbags or backpacks. 

A colored retroreflective article for wearable applications. These include, but are not limited to the  following: shoes (uppers and soles), wristwatches, fit bands, motorcycle helmets, leather jackets,  trousers, compression activewear, eyewear such as eyeglasses and sunglasses, hardhats, fall protection  articles including safety harnesses, elastic bands on garments, seam‐sealing tape, caps, hats, costumes,  watches and watch faces, gloves, scarves, swim suits, swim caps, diapers and diaper tape, belts, false  nails, socks and hosiery, jewelry, suits, dresses, skirts, and hair bands. 

A colored retroreflective article made by the following methods: thermoforming, slitting, weaving  reflective yarn or thread. 

A colored retroreflective article used for improvement of the following performance characteristics:  anti‐friction, tribological improvement, decreasing air resistance.  

A colored retroreflective article used in the following equipment applications: ropes/lanyards, fall  protection equipment, refl...