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Dynamic Railway Platform Indicator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247756D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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Abstract: Last Minute Change in Rail Platform Number is an annoying situation for anyone travelling in Railways. This condition is much worse and tough to manage when travelling with family that comprises of Children, Infants and Senior Citizens. In most cases when a train is missed, there will be loss of money for the passenger which in turn results in loss of faith with the mode of travel. The system disclosed will Identify reasons for last minute platform changes and take effective measures for avoiding these situations.

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Dynamic Railway Platform Indicator


As of today, Railway platform numbers are displayed on the Display Board at the entrance of Railway Stations to facilitate and notify the passengers travelling through the trains to reach the correct platform as shown on Display.

However, the cases where the platform number is changed due to some reasons when the train is near to railway Station. But, the passengers might have already reached the platform that was displayed on the Display board initially.

To reach the right platform from previous platform, it is a critical situation for any passengers and will not leave a good feel on the travel. This condition is much bad when there are infants, kids and senior Citizens in passengers list.

Disclosed is a system which identifies the level of these kind of issues and reasons for the same thereby alerting the right platform number to passengers to avoid last minute rush and help railways plan their budget spent on infrastructure development.

Operations Performed by the System:

Disclosed system will fetch real-time platform number capture from existing analog signals.

Disclosed system will be having the sensors for identifying the platform.

Disclosed system will be using GPS for identifying the platform.

Disclosed System can utilize analytics for predicting, anticipating reasons and providing effective solutions based on Historical data.

Once the final platform number is fixed, a signal will be sent to the platform di...