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Interactive Onboarding support services

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247758D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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In order to make the New hire to have a better onboarding experience, there is proposed an Interactive Onboarding support services to help new hire with any kind of queries they may have. Apart from HR helping the new hire with the onboarding, we propose an Interactive Onboarding support services which enables new hires to interact online using Mobile Smart Device during the process to get help on any queries during Onboarding process before they get access to official computer, official email or internal chat service..

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Interactive Onboarding support services

While the New Hire starts the Onboarding process in any Organization, they will be having lots of queries/stuck related to undergoing onboarding process like:

       -Any queries on documents/things needed on the onboarding day
-Any alternate documents can be carried in lieu of needed documents
-Any queries on how/where to reach the contact on the joining day
-Simple queries like location of IT Dept., Cafeteria, HR Cabin etc.
-Any assistance required on the corrections during filling up the Onboarding forms
HR or authorized onboarding specialist gets the same query repeatedly from different new hires on various contexts.

There is no sophisticated interactive system for new hires to get quick help for the queries without manually reaching out to concerned authority since they do not have access to employer provided communication tools by then.

Unless there is a system or communication method to answer such queries it's difficult for the New Hire to get answers on these queries to move forward with Onboarding process smoothly without any hassles.

It would be easy for the New Hire to reach out to other New Hire(s) who are in the same process and who underwent/had same stuck/query to get quick help.

This will also make the Onboarding specialist to complete the Onboarding process in much easier way, by making sure that the candidate comes with all necessary documents/things to make their onboarding process smooth.

Usually the Recruiter and Onboarding specialist would be two different people and Onboarding specialist may not have updated contact details of the New Hires, it's difficult to use any other messaging service like WhatsApp or similar services for communication with New Hire, due to security / access and other related issue.

To get quick help and to get answers...