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System to categorize and initiate emergency calls. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247763D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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The system allows caller to place an emergency call which will allow the caller to override certain call avoidance mechanism to ensure that the called party accepts the call.

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System to categorize and initiate emergency calls .

Mobile is part of day to day life of almost every individual. It has become the most important mode of communication. Current mobile network and service provider don't provide any means to mark the call as emergency call or categorize some/specific calls as emergency call. There are situation where in we get call but due to other commitment at that time we may not be able to take call. The only way for calling party is to try again and again to make understand that it is some important call and needs to be urgent attended.

The idea is to have mechanism where in calling person can designate certain call as emergency call which would help the attendee understand and he can ensure that he attends the call. This will ensure that during time of crisis the caller doesn't have to keep on frantically dialing to ensure that he reaches the person. There can further filtering and control sets to avoid misuse of the functionality.

There is proposed following solution :-

Mechanism to categorize certain call as emergency call and provide additional function based on categorization.

System to provide a emergency calling registration mechanism to allow the registered caller to


initiate emergency calls. The system will also allow to store authentication information for each caller.

Mechanism to provide the mechanism on Mobile Devices/Calling devices to accept input for a code to allow the caller to authorize the emergency calling.

Mechanism to provide a visible indicator for emergency call to the recipient.

In this solution the service providers would provide special calling mode which may be called as Urgent Calls/Emergency Calls. From caller end there would be mechanism to activate Emergency Calling(EC) mode through some code/button/app options etc. When calling someone in combination with the mechanism to activating the EC mode the service p...