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Convert Public/Other phone INTO Personal phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247772D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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Abstract: In our day-to-day life, mobile has become a necessary gadget. However we might not have our mobile all the time for many reasons. The disclosed system which will allow us to make calls or send messages using other non-personal mobile device. The disclosed system will always show user's Mobile/Phone Number as source number when making a call to the recipient using any other phone device to make calls.

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Convert Public/Other phone INTO Personal phone

An individual should be able to use any other available mobile phone (can be public, friend's, office) to retrieve and view the individuals personal contacts, call logs, messages, and perform actions like calling and messaging. For example, A person can use his friend's phone when his mobile is switched off/lost, to call someone and the charges are levied to his account.


Ability to login to User's personal phone using any Non-personal mobile device. Ability to disable user's personal phone temporarily or permanently while the number is active on a Non-personal mobile device.

Ability to load all personal contacts, favorites, messages, call logs of the user into a non-personal mobile device in which user logs in.

Disclosed system will ensure the call(s)/message(s) goes from individual's subscribed mobile number/account and charges are levied with the subscribed service provider.

System will auto sync the transactional data in cloud.

System will erase all retrieved & transactional data upon user log-out of the non-personal device.


Context: User1 using NetworkProvider1 has a problem with his phone(switched off say.), he wants to use User2's Phone/Sim which is of NetworkProvider2. Background: IBM (any other organization) acts as a common service provider which will be integrated with all network providers. Let us name it "DAILINPROXYMAKER'


User 1 dials a USSD code in predefined format(...