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System, method for self-healing Mechanism for an Automation suite Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247774D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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The main feature of this submission is to create a system to enable self-healing mechanism in Test Automation in case of script failure. In test automation, once the suite execution completes, the usual practice is for the Script Owner to review the results and fix the issues that are NOT application failures and rerun the Test Automation Suite. Many times, the failures are neither functional defect nor failure of script logic but are Object Identification failures due to some minor changes in the application code .For e.g., change in ID of a Button, change in Label of a Text Box etc. The effort involved reviewing results, fixing and rerun a script is almost equivalent to the effort involved in a new script development. This overhead in effort and time can be mitigated to a great extent using the proposed system

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System, method for self-healing Mechanism for an Automation suite
In this paper, we are defining a methodology to identify and fix automation failures without manual review and fixing of scripts and thus saving 50% of effort in Test Automation execution/analysis.

During the first successful execution of the script, record all the properties of Objects present in the application. In addition fetch the X,Y co-ordinates of each object and store.

During next consecutive executions, whenever there is a failure, compare the properties with earlier recorded values in a predefined priority order. If none of the default properties are able to identify the object, then based on the X, Y co-ordinate identify the object and fetch all its other properties. The new properties of the object are stored in heap and test execution continues.

On completion of suite, user will be presented with a report of all failed objects both having old and modified properties.

Basic architecture of any automation tool will be to identify the objects during run-time and performing the intended task. This identification is accomplished using its properties such as id, name, text, class, type, style, co-ordinates etc. But the biggest hurdle in automation suite execution is, changes in these identification properties leading to failure of scripts and further leading to false alarms.

     In Order to handle above challenge the proposed feature will have following sequence of activities

 During first i...