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In-theatre smart offer delivery mechanism based on the audience interst in a particular product being shown in the scene Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247784D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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The system opens a new real-time offer delivery channel for advertisers and providers to enable offer delivery to people in real-time while they are watching movies in theaters. These real-time offers will be identified for people based on their product preferences and also personalized based on personality traits identified using their social media profiles and activities. People will see offers from multiple providers for products matching their interests and will be able to take decisions like making an instant purchase or saving it to their social networking account to avail the shortlisted offers later.

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In-theatre smart offer delivery mechanism based on the audience interst in a particular product being shown in the scene

People idolize their favorite stars. Fans love to sport the same fashion and same gadgets/gear that their favorite movie stars sport in the movies.

However, it's not very easy and convenient for fans to (1) Identify the merchandise being shown in the movie (2) Know to where to look for that merchandise (3) Easily buy that merchandise
By the time they walk out of the theatres, they do not remember the exact details of something that they'd liked, neither do they remember all the different items items they were really impressed with and would've loved to buy.

Present article caters to the following scenario:

What if, while watching the movie, people were able to
(1) Save the actor's look that caught their fancy
(2) Save a scene in the movie which showed some piece of furniture or some gadget they liked
(3) See offers for those gadgets or merchandise in real-time or offline during intermissions while they were still in the theatres
(4) Place orders and actually buy the things that they like.

Proposed System:

On embodiment of this disclosure proposes the use of Smart seats with a touch-screen type device on the armrest.

These seats synchronise with the movie scenes.

At the beginning of the show, audience members identify themselves by using some sort of a profile (like their facebook profile which already has information about their interests, or a specific movie-goers profile that this in-threatre shopping experience maintains and shares across all theatres/movies)

They can then configure this device and tell it what sort of merchandise they would be interested in while watching this particular movie show (furniture, clothes, cars, decor, accessories, jewellery, tourism, etc). Once the movie starts, the relevant offers for their selected types of merchandise are streamed to this device.

Advertisers can deliver offers based on the person who is sitting there.

Users would then be able to short-list the items they're interested in and buy them using this device. Ability for customer to build a cart (or save for later to review during intermissions).

Person can do the actual purchase right from the seat before he leaves the movie theatre.

Another possibility could be for the users to build the list of the items they are interested in using the smart in-theatre offers and then being able to export this list to their profile so that they can walk out of the movie theatre and then at leisure make the actual purchase.

Based on the purch...