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Intelligent Method to Prevent Multiple Downloads of Multimedia Objects Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247787D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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(1) Currently we use many applications in mobile devices which are multimedia friendly. We get to download images, audio clips, videos from applications. (2) Due to various information circling around the internet, we often encounter same multimedia getting downloaded from different groups of an application. (2.a) For example, you have seen a video clip in your friends group in whatsapp and the same video might come from the family group. (3) Neither app nor mobile device has intelligence to detect that the video is already downloaded from the friend's group. (3.a) It will end-up being downloaded from Family group. This will result in unnecessary bandwidth, data and battery of the mobile device. (4) We propose a method to avoid the multiple downloads of the same multimedia thereby efficiently finding if the multimedia is present in the user storage space on the mobile device.

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Intelligent Method to Prevent Multiple Downloads of Multimedia Objects

Working of the proposed method:

Currently user has an option to prevent media auto download option by the setting provided by an application. In such cases, the download option is prevented and a visual snapshot is shown on the object (video or image). If user wishes to download, he can click on that to download the object. However if the object is already there in the mobile phone, we would end up downloading it again. The proposed method works as mentioned in steps below:

1. It is the most usual case where the same multimedia object (video or image) gets circulated over web. Hence we consider few basic properties of the multimedia object before triggering a download from the server. We request the size of the object and checksum of the object from the server before requesting the complete download.

2. Once checksum and object are downloaded, we will scan through the entire media library of the mobile phone to find the matching object which has same checksum and size. If the match is found, we will directly invoke the media locally instead of downloading from the server. In case if there is no match found, the media object will be downloaded from the server. There may be false positives, for example when the same media which of high quality can have a different size and checksum.

3. It may happen that user may delete the multimedia object to save the storage space after viewing it. In such c...