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Effective Content Search over Connected Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247789D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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Method to show relevant search results for connected devices. User experience will be enhanced by showing the live channels related to search text.

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Effective Content Search over Connected Devices

Today there is no effective search across devices at home. Let us say you want to search something and you want relevant results with respect to the connected devices at home. Whatever you search on laptop/mobile it should be able to show relevant results for connected devices. You searched "Sachin Tendulkar" in google and it shows the google search results. The search results that user can get is something that already exists over web, there might be some programs which are currently aired over Television which are related to user search text(like some documentary or old cricket matches of Sachin) . User experience will be aided if there is a way to show the results of current live(running) programs along with regular web search results. There is proposed a method for a better user experience and context related search results from connected devices.

There is proposed an article to show relevant search results for connected devices. User experience will be enhanced by showing the live channels related to search text. The detailed solution is explained below.

The proposed method works as mentioned in the steps below:

-> User will input search text on google from his mobile/computer
-> Our method will identify if user is at home or office or somewhere else.
-> If user is at home then the search text is rendered to get additional meaningful results related to Television.
-> Mobile and Television are connected over wi-fi.
-> DTH service provider will provide an interface and the proposed method will do a search to find all the relevant programs(using the "search-text") that's currently being aired on Television.
-> The channel numbers associated with the programs which are relevant to user search text are displayed aside in the google search results window.
-> User looks at the recommended channel numbers and he can select a channel number to view.
-> Proposed method will switch on the TV automatically and play the channel number selected by User. -> If the user is not at home then the regular google search results will be displayed.

With an example the proposed method is explained below:

User searched "Steve Jobs" on google from his mobile. Based on the GPS location or based on the user home WIFI name, it identifies the user is at home. Our method will identify that television is connected to mobile via WIFI. Also it will search the given text with the interface provided by the Digital service provider like Tata-Sky. Our method identifies that there are currently couple of programs being aired on the television which are related to "Steve Jobs" like Documentary on Steve Jobs or Any Program related to Apple. It will also find the channel numbers associated with the related programs. Google will fetch this information and it will display the channel numbers aside in the search results window. If there are channels that show content which are happening live and some channels showing the replay...