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Universal Notification System For Smart Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247794D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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The proposed method will deliver a notification to a device which is very close to the intended person. This method will benefit users as they need not carry their devices all the time to see notifications and act for the same. We use face recognition and motion sensors methods to determine persons location. Indoor location tracking system is used to determine the location of the device within a closed location.

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Universal Notification System For Smart Devices
Devices like smart phones/laptops get notifications for new messages/mails to alert user. Not only an alert, most of the notifications will have a summary of the message, this provides great flexibility to the user on how to react. Now most of the devices at home are connected through wifi network to increase user experience, due to this notification system become a widely used feature for many devices including home appliances. Smart TV's show notification for upcoming programs. IoT enabled devices like washing machines, ovens, deliver notifications to smart devices like mobile/tablets to intimate user for completion of task. Some unique products like baby monitors which will alert parents personal device when a baby wakes up or crying. Many times user may not be actively using the devices i.e they may not be closer to the device when it received a notification, So either user need to carry the device all the time or should come near the device to check the notification. Also there is high chance that user may miss notification due to actively busy with some other activity ex: listening music or watching TV etc. We propose a method to address the above concerns.

We propose a universal notification protocol to deliver a notification to the right device and a right person.

All the devices which are ready to participate in the notification protocol will be connected to home (Wifi)network,
All these devices will be registered with a centralized server.

Server generates a unique ID for each device and stores in its data base.

Motion/face recognition sensors...