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Litter billing system for smart city, using image analysis and image analytics. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247798D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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In most of the developing countries, we could see littering done all over the street or public placed, market, shopping malls, bus stands, etc. It is difficult to tell who littered, who pays for clearing litter, and who is responsible for cleaning. Almost all the time, a government agency does the cleaning, but it's not efficient enough to keep the street, mall cleans. Most of the time then end of the street is filled with garbage. With the availability of drone cameras and other advanced imaging technologies, Image analytics it is possible to make people in street/house responsible to ensure the street in front of the house is clear of litter. Also, the current civic agencies have following problems and cause Government money to be looted by the contractors, who does the cleaning. · Difficult and not a proven method to estimate cost of clearing litter all over city. · Very much impossible to fix the responsibility on, who pay for clearing the litter, · Can’t estimate the volume and type of litter per street/house. · No proper way to calculate cost for the garbage generated by the house/person/malls, and charges them accordingly.

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Litter billing system for smart city , using image analysis and image analytics. Introduction

The proposed litter billing system uses drone to collect video of littered streets, malls and public places, with location details. This is stored and processed using image processing software. This processed image is matched against standard database of litters. It also ignores some ignorable objects specific to location. Using image analytics the processed image is converted into estimated volume and weight of litter and type of litters. Using the pre-approved contract or bidding system, cost of clearing litter is estimated. This cost is distributed per street, per house based on administration rules.

Implementation details of the solution is depicted in the below diagrams:

1. Various technology and modules used in the innovation.

Base line video of street and Pre/Post cleaning video is created. Image analysis software is used to analyze and classify litter. Image analytics software is used to estimate weight, volume, cost of clearing. Litter pattern DB is used to determine standard litter patterns.

2. Image collection/analysis and litter estimation diagrams flow illustration.


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3. Flow chart for collecting images and estimating cost of clearing litter


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4. Cost per street/house calculation flow chart:


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After the litter is cleared by contractor, the drone collects video again and confirms that the litter is cleared.

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