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Augmented Movie Experience with E-Book Reader Controls and Cognitive System Text Summary Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247808D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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Disclosed is a system to link movie captions to an e-reader so that a user can easily read the captions in a book format.

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Augmented Movie Experience with E-Book Reader Controls and Cognitive System Text Summary

A user that becomes bored of loses interest while watching slow parts of a movie might fast-forward the video and try to read captions. Sometimes this works, but sometimes there is too much text to read, causing the user to stop and go back to read something that went by too fast.

The novel system furthers the above by linking the captions to an e-book reader. The system collects and presents the captions to the user in a book format, with the captions presented at once and in sequence. The user could read the captions on the e-book reader. The e-book reader augments the movie experience, allowing the user to control the playback pace via the e-book controls. The user can switch from read to play mode and watch fast-paced scenes in the movie at any time.

With this system, the movie plays at faster/slower/adjusted rate while the user reads the captions via an e-reader. The system would use the previous read speed from the device to adjust the playback speed of the movie. If the user sets down the reader, then the system detects that motion through an accelerometer and gyro, and consequently pauses the playback. It returns to movie mode if the user picks up the device or returns to read mode if the user turns the device to a vertical position.

Additionally, a cognitive analysis system can be used to provide a summary of the captions, instead of having the user read all the cap...