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Method and System for Providing Contextual Metadata about Caller Movement to a Callee Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247811D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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A method and system is disclosed for improving a caller’s safety by displaying the caller’s current status activity to a callee when a caller initiates a call to the callee.

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Method and System for Providing Contextual Metadata about Caller Movement to a Callee

Disclosed is a method and system for detecting a user's current activity and surrounding while making a call to another individual, for the other individual to make an informed decision.

In accordance with the method and system, the system first collects profile and demographic details (for example name, age, gender, social relationship, etc.) of a caller (first user) and of a callee (second users). The system further monitors the caller's current surroundings when the caller initiates a call to a second user. The surrounding conditions which are monitored include, but is not limited to, current location of the caller (GPS), speed of the vehicle if driving, devices of individuals nearby, noise level, biometrics of the caller, etc.

Based on the collected current surrounding data, a current status of the caller is determined and attached as the caller's status when a call is initiated by the caller to another user. The system enables the callee to take an informed decision whether to receive the call from the caller or not.

In another embodiment, the system integrates colour coding with the caller's current surrounding condition status to further highlight and bring the necessary attention to make an informed decision by the callee. Consider an example, wherein the caller is a 17 year old young man who is driving and has initiated a call to his girlfriend. In such a scenario, the...