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Natural Language Injection Based on Importance/Priority Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247812D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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Disclosed is a function applied to a Global Positioning System (GPS) that monitors for conversation, and then restricts the amount of data shared to a less verbose amount, waits for natural breaks in the conversation to interject with input, or provides a combination of both. This function enables the user to receive the necessary directions without continual interruption to an active conversation among vehicle occupants.

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Natural Language Injection Based on Importance /Priority

Many smart or intelligent devices provide an interaction with the consumer via audio in order to provide information or updates. This audio may be chimes, alarms, or even computer-generated speech. As these devices integrate into everyday lives, the user can receive too much information at sometimes inopportune moments.

For example, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation is now a standard function on every mobile device. As the user is driving, the GPS provides verbal directions to the driver. The problem arises when the user is otherwise engaged in a conversation and is continually interrupted by the system's audio output. In another example of the problem, a user receives distracting social media alerts to the mobile device while on a phone call.

For example purposes, this disclosure focuses on natural language interjection for the use case of a vehicle; however, this idea/system could be expanded for use in other scenarios such as prioritizing pushed alerts/texts/messages when a person is talking on the phone, etc.

The novel concept and core idea is for the device to monitor for conversation, and then restrict the amount of data shared to a less verbose amount, wait for natural breaks in the conversation to interject with input, or provide a combination of both. If it is necessary to interrupt a conversation due to a lack of adequate interjection time before a pending turn, for example, it could even preface the directions with a statement such as, "Excuse me, your turn is coming up", to provide a more natural...