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Project Baby Soother: A Mechanism to Slowly Keep a Stroller in Motion Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247837D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-06
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Disclosed is a mechanism that attaches to the rear wheel of a stationary stroller to provide a slow continuous motion to keep a child asleep or to soothe a child into sleep.

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Project Baby Soother: A Mechanism to Slowly Keep a Stroller in Motion

Many parents and caregivers of young children enjoy spending time outdoors and find that exercising with the children, whether that be walking or jogging can be a great experience for both adult and child. Often, the motion of the stroller lulls the child to sleep; however, when the adult completes the walk or run, the motion stops, and quite often when the motion stops, a sleeping child awakens. Waking up is not always a bad thing, but when the change in this environmental stimulus causes the child to wake up sooner than desired, it can be disruptive to the adult and may even be unhealthy or distressing for the child.

With respect to other solutions to keeping the young child asleep, not many adequately address the problem without continued involvement from the adult. The adult could continue to walk or run, but that is often less than ideal, the adult will have to stop sometime and likely have the same issue of the child immediately waking up when the motion ceases. The adult could push the stroller in place, but that also precludes the caregiver from carrying on any other activities. Transferring the child to another device (e.g., a baby swing) to continue the motion is often impractical, as that change might also wake the child.

Because of all of these shortcomings, an automated mechanism is needed to allow the adult to complete other activities, while maintaining the child's sleeping state.

This disclosure describes a mechanism that can attach to a variety of strollers, including but not limited to umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, walking strollers, etc., to provide a slow continuous motion to keep a child asleep or to soothe a child into sleep. The general idea is to maintain an environment of appropriate stimuli to enable a continued unconscious state for one or more individuals.

The novel component is a physical device that is placed behind and then temporarily attached to a stroller, which allows the stroller to continuously stay in motion without human intervention. This device weighs enough to remain stationary while moving the stroller back and forth and house the necessary motor to move the stroller, but remains light enough for easy transport by an adult.

Several key elements allow this invention to work. The core of the device is a circular or elliptical shaped wheel that has a stiff arm attached to it. The arm freely rotates a...