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Smart access privileges for smart phone users Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247863D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-07
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Disclosed method to define the access privileges provided to multiple users of family in the form of security patterns for smart phone applications to protect the sensitive personal information, Improve the performance in all areas of mobile Applications memory, Data usage etc.

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Smart access privileges for smart phone users


There are the situations in the family, children always interested to play games Spouse can use contacts to call and message to somebody with what sup messenger. In order to protect the sensitive information and performance improvement our article proposed the solution to multi user access with the defined privileges to applications with the security patterns for the family users
To provide privilege access to different users to predefined applications using different security patterns of smart phones
1.Primary user define the no of users, create the type of users (Primary User, Child User & Guest) and password patterns
2. Now we can give the privileges for available Apps to the users
3. Based in password pattern input, user can able to access privileged applications

1. Privileges to different users to access certain category of applications (Ex: Primary User - can access all app's & settings, Child User - Games Apps & Guest user - Dialing call's & messages)

2. Security standards improved (Ex: confidential information can able to see only by primary users)

3. Smart phone performance (Application's memory, Data usage & Battery consumption)) improved as app's running based on user access capability