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Television Buddy to poll/Complaint

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247864D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-07
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Abstract: Disclosed is a system to manage the IVR process of complaining about TV channel/TV service. Complaining with the remote which has basic templates to chose would make it beneficial for the naïve users and also to those who are particular about long process to raise the complaint

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Television Buddy to poll/Complaint


Television plays an important role in entertaining and providing crucial news to us . With the upsurge in technology , the Television transmissions have become faster and exquisite . But disturbances are common when it is broadcasted it in a wide range . Sometimes we have issues with getting a signal / access to a particular channel being transmitted.

How frequently we log a complaint for this ! May be once or twice , the remaining scenarios we

just think it would be set in a while. Even if we want to log a complaint the process is too lengthy and cumbersome. So we totally give up the initiative to raise a request.


It would be more convenient to have a template on the television itself , to log a complaint from the remote control to the service provider. That would be useful for naïve users and also people who would prefer to save time.

The template would have options to enter text regarding the problem we have and also choose any other specifications provided in the menu . Once the send button is clicked after entering all the details the complaint would be logged. We also have short cut procedure for basic users like speed dials . They can directly click option 1 to register a complaint as they do not have any idea to enter all the details or calling the customer care . Other wise we can enter the data and then send it .

Present article will provide impact both in social and analytics areas.

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