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System and method for exporting and importing of attested employee skills into an exchangeable portable skills file

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247865D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-07
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Abstract: An employee acquires skills over a period of time working in a company. As of today, there is no way the employee can export and carry the list of skills that the employee has acquired. This system will allow the employee to export his / her skills and have a portable skills file for use elsewhere within and outside the organization throughout their career.

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System and method for exporting and importing of attested employee skills into an exchangeable portable skills file


         As the employee works in a company, he / she would work on their current skills (technology, functional, on-job skills), acquire new skills and apply them on a project or an assignment. The employee's Manager would have a system where the actual employee skill and the level would be attested.

         For eg: If an employee worked on a jQuery project, the Manager would certainly know that the employee is skilled in jQuery and that he / she is an Expert at

jQuery as the manager would definitely have this visibility.

Disclosed is a method that provides the Manager an option to start contributing to the curation of employee skills and the level of expertise and this is the closest to being real. As of today, there are no systems that allow these attested skills to be exported when the employee leaves the company.

Also, if an employee brings in an exported skills portable file into the next company that he is moving into, this provides an opportunity for the Onboarding team to import the attested skills and the company can be sure that the candidate is bringing in attested skills and the level of expertise that he / she carries is authentic as it has been certified by the previous manager.

When an employee starts working on a project / assignment, there would be certain skills that were needed for that project and that is the reason why this person was chosen to be on that project. Even though this employee is known

to possess the skills needed for the project, as the employee starts working and...