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A system and method for efficient resolution of service requests for support

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Publication Date: 2016-Oct-10
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A system and method for efficient resolution of service requests for support

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A system and method for efficient resolution of service requests for support

In current systems for 'service request for support', there are normally a large number of requests that a support person handles everyday. These requests need to be resolved within a tight period of time, based on their priorities. The support person updates multiple Tickets daily. Some of these Tickets may be similar or semi-similar, and in the case of two similar Tickets assigned at the same time to different support persons, this will lead to double work, as both support persons check the previous problem knowledge-base at the same time and in case of no solution found, both support persons will start working on finding a solution for same problem. Furthermore, the current systems do not make use of the experience gained by a support person when resolving a specific Ticket, to speed up the resolution of similar/semi-similar Tickets afterwards. It can also happen that update of one Ticket goes to another Ticket by mistake. The support person then has to send another update informing the entity to ignore the update since it is not meant for it. The first disadvantage of this is the incorrect update already goes to the other entity, which will not be good for the entity. The second disadvantage is, if the content is confidential in nature, the confidential information gets leaked to another entity, which can lead to security breach.

    Given the above, a new method is needed to make the 'service request for support' systems more efficient in handling the requests and avoiding the above stated problems.

    This idea provides a mechanism that will enhance the current systems of 'service request for support', by adding more intelligence to these systems. This is done through the addition of a smart dispatcher that is performing dynamic assignments of tickets to support persons' queues based on checking the content of Tickets. The idea is also detecting if the Ticket update is possibly going to an incorrect entity, by verifying the context of the update and the status of the update against the context of the Ticket and the status of the Ticket. If the context and/or the status does not match, the support person will be warned that the update may be going to a wrong entity before it is sent. Thus the idea may avoid the sending of Ticket updates to an incorrect entity/party. In addition, the proposed system will send a notification message to the product owner (development team), based on Ticket provided solutions.

Advantages of the idea:

- This idea makes Ticket dispatching more intelligent, dynamic and effective.

- The new dispatching approach in this idea, will minimize Ticket closure time

as the same support person will reply with a proper solution for all similar or semi-similar Tickets. This will also avoid duplication of effort related to investigating of similar/semi-similar Tickets.

    - This idea helps in avoiding sending of Ticket updates to an incorrect en...