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A System for Detecting & Processing Delivery Failed Emails (E-recruitment/HCM domain)

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247928D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-11
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As the emails get delivered, the systems are bound to fail for various reasons. The volume of failed notifications would be a surprise discovery only when the systems are dissected for delivery failures. This big piece of email delivery failures get unnoticed and remain unaddressed unless a system is put in place that allows the processing of delivery failed emails and brought to light.

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A System for Detecting & Processing Delivery Failed Emails (E-recruitment/HCM domain)

A system that would process all the delivery failed emails from the Mail server's subsystem and present them for reprocessing/further action in a user interface. This system gives an insight on all the failed emails. Example: In context of recruitment, it provides an opportunity for the recruiters/hiring managers to proactively identify an important missed communication.

The Proposed system is best explained in the context of Human resources Information Systems. Human Capital Management Solutions and e-recruitment, the volume and frequency of email notifications to both the candidates and recruiters is enormous. This system can identify all such failed emails and present them on a Dashboard to the user responsible for those emails directly/indirectly.

Advantages of System:

The email deliveries happen through an electronic channel, the percentage of delivery failure emails could be huge and so the recipients would never have received that ONE important communication. This could potentially lead to a lag in the recruitment process as the sender could be waiting for a response. This would mean increased business cost for the organizations as the time spent in completing a hire increases.

Having this system in place addresses a deep underlying and undiscovered problem in missed communications.

Since the delivery failed emails get detected through this system proactively, this would...