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Probe Cable Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247935D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-12
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Some oscilloscope testers require two probe cable assemblies in order to complete the connection: a flat coaxial cable assembly connected with the oscilloscope and a flying leads cable assembly which fans out to 17 channels testing line to collect signals from a source of data. The present publication presents a solution to combine these two cable assemblies into one cable assembly to resolve the risk of poor connectivity of two cables and simplify the cable design. The 17 channels flying leads assembly may be directly connected to the header that connects to the oscilloscope.

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Probe Cable Assembly 

Some oscilloscope testers require two probe cable assemblies in order to complete the connection: a  flat coaxial cable assembly connected with the oscilloscope and a flying leads cable assembly which fans  out to 17 channels testing line to collect signals from a source of data. The present publication presents  a solution to combine these two cable assemblies into one cable assembly to resolve the risk of poor  connectivity of two cables and simplify the cable design. The 17 channels flying leads assembly may be  directly connected to the header that connects to the oscilloscope. 


Figure 1 

The existing connection method with two probe cables has the risk of poor connection during their end  customer application on signal transmission. At the same time, this solution requires maintaining two  part numbers in inventory, which creates an additional burden to inventory cost. 

In the new solution, two center connectors have been eliminated so that the flying leads side will  directly connect to the other end that connects to the oscilloscope. See Figure 1. A cable organizer may  be added to keep the flying leads well organized and in position. 



17 Flying leads are directly connected 

to the "B" side connector.

Individual cables directly co...