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Design for secure anchor point using a lockable suction cup

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248011D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-17
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A lockable suction cup providing a portable secure anchor point for attaching items.

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Design for secure anchor point using a lockable suction cup

Disclosed is a device which uses a lockable suction cup to provide a secure anchor point for attaching mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, phones etc.

    Current solutions rely on locking mobile devices to a static object such as a table and can be awkward to fix or can cause damage to the anchor point. For example, cutting or drilling a hole in a table or using industrial strength tape to attach the item.

    This solution uses a suction cup on the end of a threaded spindle. Attached to the spindle's thread is a outer metal casing that can be screwed up and down the spindle. The casing features a lock that can be used only via a key.

    The user presses the suction cup down onto the table surface. The user then screws the outer metal casing down towards the table. The act of screwing the outer casing down onto the table compresses the suction cup, creating a vacuum. Once the product has been tightened to its maximum, the product will be locked in place and cannot be untightened as the sprung ratchet prevents this.

    The outer metal casing will be firmly pressed onto the table, restricting access to the suction cup, making it tamper-proof.

The user attaches the mobile device to the product.

    To release the lock, insert a key and turn to disengage the ratchet pin. The outer casing can then be spun to release the suction cup.

    The suction cup is pushed onto the surface and the outer casing is screwed down. As the...