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Apparatus and method for Cognitive scanner Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248022D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-19
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Apparatus and method for Cognitive scanner Abstract Usually companies cannot avoid to integrate information from paper document (as evolution form, contracts, customer letters, satisfaction campaign...). for doing that they need to put in place a business process for the scanning, the "send" and after the text document analysis. The scanning process can be automatic but usually there is still "manual" process step. The present publication discloses an original and innovative apparatus and method to directly analyze the text document at the moment it is scanned and send not only the scanned image but also a text analytics file, ready to be ingest by a data store for future analysis and integration with other data sources.

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Apparatus and method for Cognitive scanner


Disclosed is an apparatus and method for Cognitive scanner. The core idea of this disclosure is to include text analytics function into a scanner machine, transform it into a "cognitive scanner" to deliver automatically pre prepared information, into a data store, for future analytics as predictive analytics.

    For some companies there is still some valuable paper documents which need to be scanned, to be analyzed or integrated with other data sources. This means that paper documents are considered as one of the data sources required for delivering information.

    The challenge usually is that we can limit and reduce the manual process to scan the document, but sometimes there is still a manual step to scan a document. But it is only the first step, before a long step serial to transform this document into valuable information.

    This disclosure is a proposal to reduce the transformation step by including a text analytics function directly into the scanner machine and populate immediately a data store, ready to be used by an analyst.

    This disclosure proposes to directly integrate those functionalities into the scanner machine and transform it into a "cognitive" scanner, able to transform the paper document into valuable information.

    This disclosed apparatus and method are novel because it is a combination between text analytics module, directly included into a scanner machine, linked to a data store to directly deliver information based on paper document.

    That way, the method and the system help to: · transform paper document into text analytics file · populate a data store · enrich the usual scanned document image by the text analytics information already prepared

· Increase the information veracity's level.

    · reduce latency to transform paper information into valuable structured information.


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    The method disclosed in this publication proposes to accelerate through cognitive function (text analytics) into a scanner machine the paper data transformation into valuable structured information ready to be use for predictive analytics (for example).

    The apparatus is an intelligent way to improve an existing "manual" process by adding cognitive function to existing scanner machine and reduce time to transform paper document into information.

The apparatus disclosed in this publication is made of 2 steps.

    The first part called "cognitive scanner" where a text analytics module is included into a scanner machine. The user can activate the text analytics function and the send function to directly populate the data store - This step could run automatically.

The second part, is the result of applying the cognitive scanner function: 2 outputs.

    1. the image copy of the document 2. the text analytics result set file, which can populate directly the data store
The information is now available for the analysts and ready to be integrated into predictive analytics applications.