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Resolve user medical symptom based on real time location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248034D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-19
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A method to resolve user medical symptom based on real time location is disclosed.

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Resolve user medical symptom based on real time location

Disclosed is a method to resolve user medical symptom based on real time location. User's inquiries are answered by detecting the likelihood of impact of the location to the user's symptoms and assign a higher priority to the location related documents in the returned set of all documents.

People may experience different discomfort, symptom at different locations. For example, if people travel to different climate, different altitude, they may experience headache, dizziness, hard time to breath. It is very important to diagnose people's real-time location in order to determine what is the right cause and further suggest right treatment to the symptoms.

The disclosed method may be integrated into a system capable of answering questions, that is a question answering (Q&A) system. The invention system can diagnose the user's symptoms based on the detected user's real time location through all different technologies such as the ones listed below but not limited to:

Wearable computer (smart phone and etc.)

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Beacon technology
Image recognition through videos and photos posted on the social network


Disclosed method re-ranks the search results based on causal analysis of the symptoms in particular geographical location.

The following are the main functional steps:
Evaluate the relevance of the symptoms to the current user location.


Establish if the location specific conditions can trigger or cause the user 's


Establish the likelihood or probable impact of the current location on the user


Calculate a location impact score.


Apply the location impact score to re-rank the search results.

Return the symptoms evaluation results which are ranked based on the user's

real time location.

Main system components and functions.

Medical data repository. Medical repository data are populated from trusted


medical resources. It stores the following data, their attributes, properties and relationships:

Categorized symptoms.


Causal data for symptoms / diseases.


Disease categories.




Views of symptoms data linked to the geographical locations and climate


Examples of geography (geo) and climate categories :high altitude location,

humid and hot climate, extremely cold, rain forest, etc.

This provides aggregated view on symptoms that have association with

some geo location factors.


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Views of symptoms data linked to the diseases. This provides aggregated

many-to-many view on symptoms and diseases.

Statistical data view linked to the symptoms and locations. This data are

used to calculate the Prevalence or likelihood of getting the disease. Prevalence= (number of accidents) / (population)

Symptom = nausea Symptoms to diseases views query results: diseases(symptom=nausea) =

{"high altitude sickness", "food poisoning sickness" } Symptoms to geo location views query result: geo_categori...