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Mold Chase DLC(Diamond Like Carbon) Coating Method for FAM(Film Assist Mold) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248055D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-21
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Mold Chase DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating Method for FAM (Film Assist Mold)


Currently, demand for thinner and lighter package profile is higher, this is especially challenging for packages using technology node wafer of >20nm to fulfill those requirements in molding. The extremely thin package can be realized by the removal of mold clearance. Means to say, package is having exposed chip top surface without over-mold. The utilisation of film assist mold (FAM) system is known to provide a solution to achieve this requirement. However, packages using FAM could suffer functional failure due to the static electricity, which is generated during the separation of mold release film from the molded strip surface. The resulted static electricity with high value of voltage is flowing through the package to the grounded bottom mold chase, which would cause catastrophic impairment to the coupling diode in the chip that led to failure.


This invention is resorting to the diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating applied onto the bottom mold chase that is grounded. The DLC coating is viable to increase the resistivity of mold chase against the voltage flow. Thus, the generated static electricity through the package grounded to bottom mold chase is mitigated. With this invention, the remaining voltage of static electricity can be neutralized by ionizer in the machine. There is no additional process involved in assembly, except the DLC coating on bottom mold chase at supplier site during its fabrication. The concept is elaborated as below.

In film assist mold (FAM) system, the flip chi...