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Recon Interposer PoP Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248057D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-21
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Recon Interposer PoP


This invention discloses an integrated PoP structure involved the reconstitution of substrates with respective interposers. The subdivided unit of substrate with respective interposer in this PoP structural integration, is driven by cost savings from the elimination of substrate reject criteria observable in conventional panel form, and it conduces the potential use of thinner substrate. The package robustness would literally improve since the thermal and mechanical stress generated from material properties mismatch is mitigated by the isolated substrates, and the overall warpage is suppressed by the attachment to the rigid metal carrier during the processing. This approach is not limited to such package fabrication, but is applicable to other package fabrication as well.


The approaches in reconstituting the interposer PoP begin with carrier tape lamination, such as using PI thermal tape to laminate on the metal carrier as base in Figure 1A. The selectively good units of subdivided substrates are picked and placed onto the laminated carrier, which are positioned and constituted precisely in a mass plane manner with a gap between each of them as wide as saw street depicted in Figure 1B. Then, the flip chip with solder bumps is attached with the ball pads on the top of substrate as Figure 1C. The underfill process is optional after completion of chip attach. Next, Cu core solder ball attach or Cu ball solder paste printing is conducted to form pillars or Cu posts around the peripheral of the chip for interposer attach. The interposer is independently overlaid and attached on the pillars formed on each substrate. The pillars consisted of solder fused to conductively connect interposer with substrate after subjecting to reflow as shown in Figure 1D. Following that, Figure 1E for molding is performed to fill the integrated structure by encapsulant upto the height in par with the top surface of the interposers. The molded structure or block as in Figure 1F is detached from the bottom metal carrier with tape through the carrier detach process. Due to the flimsiness of the molded block in plane form after detachment, additional caution with handling assist such as in-line process may be required for process transfer. During the next ball attach process, the ball pads presented on the detached substrate surface is then mounted with solder balls. Finally, the molded block is singulated into package unit along the saw street demarcated by each substrate outline as depicted in Figure 1G.

Figure 1A: Carrier tape lamination on metal carrier

Figure 1B: Reconstitution of subdivided units of substrate

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Recon Interposer PoP

Figure 1C: Flip chip attach and optional underfill

Figure 1D: Independent Interposer attach and reflow

Figure 1E: Molding

Figure 1F: Bottom metal carrier detach

Figure 1G:Solder ball mount and package singulation

By intercepting the above-mentioned process steps, another c...