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A method to distribute packets to different queue base on tenants on Openstack environment. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248071D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-24

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In the openstack environment, the network part will provide the vlan, GRE(Generic Routing Encapsulation) and vxlan. If we select the vxlan as the network part. It will create the vxlan tunnel between the openstack components. The physical NIC(Network Interface Card) address will be used as the src ip and dst ip in the vxlan tunnel. So all the traffic in all the tenants, the src ip and dst ip will be the same if they send to the same destination and from the same server. This will have a issue during the receiver NIC do the hash function. The NIC hash function based on the src ip, dst ip,src port and dst port. So if the src ip, dst ip and dst port is the same, the hash result will be not good even the src port will change in some situation. At last, the most traffic will send to the same queue. Our idea is automatic assign the different ip to vxlan tunnel as the src ip and dst ip in different tenants. There will be a ip address pool, each new flow will request two ip address from this pool. And the two new address will instead of the original ip in vxlan flow. So the src ip and dst ip in each new flow will different and it will help the receiver to hash the traffic to different queue.