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Key message highlight navigator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248073D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-24
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The disclosure is aiming the problem of efficiency issue that user reading topic thread with long discussion history. The invention provides a key message highlight navigator in user interface so that people can quickly get key information in a thread with long discussion history. With the invention, system can: 1. Monitor system event and build relationship between system event and topic comment. 2. Identify key messages in a topic intelligently. 3. On demand display key messages or discussion summary flow in the navigator.

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Key message highlight navigator

Today it is very common that people post messages in forum, like seeking help for problem. E.g, people may post message that "Ihad problem to setup my firewall configuration for my company's network". Before the problem get solved, there may be many comment to it. Sometimes, there is long discussion history.

The issue is: Go through each item will be time consuming. Usually most of them are not thathelpful for understanding the discussion. But some of them are the key information in the topic thread.

The system is to help people quickly get key information in a thread with long discussion history.

Claim point:

The system will identify key messages of a topic and display the key messages in the navigator automatically.

Point 1: Take topic status change as system event, and build connection between the event and comment. Topic status change willimpact the comment weight. Like defect/bug tracking system, problem solving system.

Point 2: Automatically identify key messages in long discussion topic based on the event, item metadata, keywords, author profile, etc.

Point 3: On demand display key message highlight navigator in user interface, like hot key.

Point 4: On demand display thread discussion summary flow.

System Architecture


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How to get key messages


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Detailed Description

1. summary navigator´╝ÜGenerate navigator based on the message weight


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2. discussion flow navigator´╝ÜGenerate navigator based on catalog change flow and message weight

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