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Baby Teething Mouthpiece Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248080D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-24
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Disclosed is a design for a moldable teething mouthpiece that soothes the gums, helps reduce the fever of a teething child, and keep growing teeth aligned.

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Baby Teething Mouthpiece

When teething, infants not only experience gum pain, but also associated fever. Current teething apparatuses to ease pain do not contain sufficient cooling elements. Regular toothbrushes are generally too difficult to manipulate for an infant and present dangers of injury to an unsupervised toddler. Teething devices, although generally safer, do not provide adequate firm fitting qualities to soothe the child's itching gums. Chewable teething rings to assist children do not provide the necessary firmness nor flexibility to provide relief. Toothbrushes having graspable ring-like handles with outwardly extending horizontal brush head are known which make manipulation by younger children possible, but these brushes still present the dangers of over-insertion into the child's mouth.

A single implement is needed that infants and young children can safely use without

direct adult supervision, which assists tooth eruption and provides relief from the

discomfort of tooth growth.

The novel design is for a teething mouthpiece that both soothes the gums and helps reduce the fever of a teething child. It also provides the cooling to the mouth that is normally needed during the teething phase. A soft gel mold that becomes molded to fit

the child's changing mouth as teeth begin to grow out. The child can sleep and play

with the mouthpiece in the mouth. The mouthpiece also helps wean the child from pacifier usage or sucking on fingers.

The novel baby te...