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Method and apparatus for identifying the location of a mobile or non-mobile device when location data is not enabled or available from the device.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248099D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-26

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End-user monitoring software monitors end-user performance, end-user activity, and end-user response times. End-users are often Web Users using a Web client (Browser) to access remote systems and applications. Typically metrics relating to end-user activity and response times, including Web Page metrics, are collected by monitoring software an assist in identifying user behaviour and detecting and resolving performance issues that affect end-user experience. There are many techniques for collecting end-user data and collected data is typically correlated and visualised by attributes such as user name, user IP address, user system name, browser type, etc. Another important dimension required when analysing end-user data is user geographical location. Existing technologies assist in identifying the end-user's geographical location by matching IP addresses, MAC address, user names, and other attributes to know locations. Some devices publish their geographic location. Databases are available (free and paid) which can be used by end-user monitoring software to resolve a user's geographical location. However, this data is often incomplete and can be inaccurate. This invention proposes a method and apparatus that will compliment existing technologies and provide another independent method of identifying a user's location using the location data from a known mobile device in conjunction with the last hop data for the mobile device and the target device. This invention can be added to existing methods and data to provide a greater level of confidence and additional location resolution when identifying end user locations.