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System and Method to assign security credentials to a digital cursor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248100D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-26
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The properties assigned to a cursor are enhanced to also carry security credentials. This then can allow the cursor to interact with the systems it may 'mouseover' or are sensitive the presence of a cursor to allow security information to flow into the application via a cursor property.

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System and Method to assign security credentials to a digital cursor

Currently when access to an application, system or operating system is required a user ID and password may need to be

supplied. Any additional accesses requiring security verification would may also need a user ID and password to be

supplied either directly or implicitly from a stored location held within the application, system, operating system or even remotely.

It may also involve use of security levels being associated with the user ID.

Now if we consider how to make access more dynamic where environments are very dense in checking security credentials .

This can be achieved by attaching the user ID's credentials to the cursor. This could be deployed where the area the cursor is passing over is sensitive to the security credentials and the application then has immediate access to security credentials.

An exemplar of this is:

If the application holds information for a range of security levels,

following interrogation of the cursor properties for security levels of the current User ID by the application would permit information up to the security level of the User ID being shown.

Diagrammatically this is shown here:


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Explanation of above diagrams for 100 Attachment


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Explanation of above diagrams for 200 Operation


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