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Method and system for anonymising hospitality service or user preference requirements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248104D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-26
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Maintaining anonymity in hospitality service user preference requirements.

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Method and system for anonymising hospitality service or user preference requirements

Hospitality service preferences, typically seen in hotels, are not shared between hotel chains, and often not even remembered/tracked within a hotel chain. These preferences can include information on a customer's preferred room location, smoking status, preference of written media, and preference of audio/visual media (e.g. movie channels). A system is needed to allow this preference information to be centrally managed and shared with hospitality providers, however in a secure way that preserves individual's anonymity.

The preservation of a customer's anonymity is becoming more critical given the prevalence of hacking followed by blackmail. The ability to have potentially embarrassing information kept anonymous from most if not all parties in a chain of fulfilment is key .

A centrally managed hospitality preference database/service is required. This database/service should have no personally identifiable information - each customer should be using an anonymous identifier. This allows the customer to keep their data anonymous at the central provider, and simply pass their unique ID to the hotel where they would normally provide their preferences on arrival. This anonymity can be further enhanced with a secondary system that removes the need for hospitality management staff to be aware of the customer 's preferences.


111 --- anonymous hospitality preferences database

anonymous hospitality preferences database/



The anonymous hospitality preferences database/service is a centrally managed preferences database, where an individual customer can create an anonymous account and store their preferences. The manager of the database is unaware of the individual customer's personal information, simply their preferences and their anonymous account.

The individual customer, then retrieves a single use hospitality identifier, which they provide (much like...