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Electopermanent Magnet self construction and deconstuction frameworks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248115D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-27
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Electropermanent magnet based self construction and deconstruction frameworks.

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Electopermanent Magnet self construction and deconstuction frameworks

The problem that this solution is targeted at is the construction of emergency style tent accommodation in disaster areas or similar . Construction of the tents and accommodation can be a time consuming process, the solution being proposed here is to use electro permanent magnets to act as the building blocks of the structure's frame, effectively replacing the tent poles and components in the construction of tents. Whilst this was the initial use case for the invention, the invention itself can be used for the construction of other framework styled environments.

The core of the invention is having small construction segments, that are designed to pull into shape when a electro permanent magnet is turned on. the unique shape of each component will enable the framework to pull up into the specific shape required. The weight of the supported structure (e.g. a tent) would provide the counter force needed for disassembly - once the magnetism is removed. A central guide wire acts as the delivery system for the voltage charge for the electro permanent magnets, as well as the guide wire for the framework. A small external power supply is used to provide the temporary charge needed to enable the electro permanent magnets.

Using a traditional tent as an example, instead of using rigid or semi-rigid (flexible) tent poles, the tent pole shape is instead produced by using a chain of construction segments w...