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Self-cooling 2.5D power module with ultra-small footprint Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248119D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-27

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With advancing technology, the size of power-supply components on server motherboards is continually shrinking. This trend in shrinking size and corresponding increase in density of power-supply components mirrors the trend in computing elements. However, power- conversion efficiency remains the same even as density of power-supply components increases. Due to the unchanged power-conversion efficiency, a larger amount of heat is generated in a smaller volume and heat dissipation requirements become greater. Heat sinks are added to dissipate heat, and these may need more space than the space freed up by shrinking the power components. This disclosure describes self-cooling power modules constructed with 2.5D packaging technology that obviate the need for heat sinks, enabling higher density and lower cost. Use of 2.5D packaging technology enables a very small footprint for the power module, thereby improving availability of motherboard area for laying out computing components, routing components, etc.