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Smart tracking of missing persons using telecom records for disaster management situations. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248120D
Publication Date: 2016-Oct-27
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Described is a system to help locate missing persons that may have been in the vicinity of a natural disaster at the approximate time of the event.

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Smart tracking of missing persons using telecom records for disaster management situations.

When a natural disaster strikes at places that are frequently visited, many people are killed and displaced in a matter of small time and not all the bodies can be recovered. Tsunamis, flash floods, landslides, etc., are instances of such natural disasters that affect many people.

    In such situations, government needs to quickly take stock of the problem and publish an accurate count of missing persons. Also, quick verifications need to be made for providing monetary relief to the families of the affected persons. But compiling a list of missing persons accurately becomes a very challenging task if the number runs into thousands and the only option to do so is based on physical verification. If most of the affected persons comprise of visitors or tourists, the task becomes even more daunting. The disclosed system and method provides for a scientific approach to verify the reported missing person details by quickly sifting through millions of telecom data records and presenting an almost accurate and much smaller list of cell phone numbers that can be utilized for multiple purposes.

    This disclosure describes a system and method for running entity analytics on telecom data for the purpose of tracking and validating locations of a big group of people spread across a vast geographical area based on their telecom activity. This tracking and validation helps governments in quick...